Identify warm intro paths quickly

Use your connections data to identify who can introduce you to relevant investors

Intro pathways slide image
Intro pathways slide image
Intro pathways slide image

Custom Logic for Intro Pathways

Configure custom logic for intro pathways

With Metal, you can customise the logic for various types of intro pathways that are shown based on your network data. This enables you to configure pathways that are most relevant to your use case.

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Data soruce slide image
Data soruce slide image
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Add Network

Integrate your entire network data

Metal gives you the ability to connect all sources (Gmail, LinkedIn, existing investors, etc.) to build and edit your network data within the platform.

Invite Close Contacts

Invite others to supercharge your intro pathways

By inviting close contacts to the platform, you can enrich your intro pathways by having their network data contribute to your intro pathways.

Access via Portfolio Founders

Identify the most relevant portfolio founders

Most investors have previously backed thousands of portfolio founders. Our platform draws on your data to identify those that have previously raised from a given investor.

Access Filters

Filter investors based on availability of intro pathways

You can filter investors based on the availability of intro pathways. That way, you no longer have to "search" for accessible investors.

Configure intro pathways for your specific use cases

Portfolio Founders

Pathways via Portfolio Founders

If you know a VC-backed founder, the system will identify her as a potential intro pathways for all investors that he has raised capital from.

You probably won't know the entire cap tables of your founder friends, but Metal does.

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Existing Investors

Pathways via Existing Investors

If you know a partner at a VC firm or if you have existing investors on your cap table, our system will use their recent co-investments data to populate intro pathways.

You probably won't know who your investors are co-investing with, but Metal does.

Use close contacts to supercharge access

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