the “Most Likely” Investors

The highest leverage part of a fundraise is to target the “most likely” candidates

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Using Historical Data

Use prior investments data to identify the most likely candidates for your startup

Stage Focus

Identify investors that
specialise at your stage

Metal allows founders to identify investors that are concentrating investments in a specific stage.

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Lead Candidates

Identify investors that
frequently lead deals

Tribal knowledge is particularly inaccurate when it comes to identifying investors that lead. Metal allows founders to identify investors that lead based on actual historical data.

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Sector Specialists

Identify investors that know
your sector

Metal allows founders to identify investors that have historically been concentrating investments in your specific sector.

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Geo Relevance

Identify investors that are likely to invest in your region

Metal allows users multiple ways to sort through historical data on venture investments to identify firms that are most likely to invest in your region.

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Investor Types

Identify the type of investors most relevant for you

Metal allows users to filter investors by their type organized intelligently into categories and sub-categories based on historical investments data to identify the most relevant investors.

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Active Investments

At any given point in time, 80%+ of all venture investors are in a state of hibernation

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Using a “Minimum 3-Month Deal Count” filter, founders can identify investors that are actively deploying capital

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