Built for High-Precision Fundraising

There is an investor for every company out there. Our software enables data-driven founders to take a more intentional approach toward fundraising.


Investor Discovery

Identifying the "Most Likely" Investors

Founders are way more likely to close when they pursue investors that are a strong-fit for their specific stage, sector and geography.

Investor Intelligence

Use Data-Driven Insight to Qualify Investors

Metal shows you the prior investing patterns of all investors, including their inclination to lead and follow on.

Creating Access

View Intro Pathways for Each Investor

Using your LinkedIn, Gmail and other data sources, Metal provides data-driven insights on who you know that can introduce you to a given investor.

Intelligent CRM

Real-time Intelligence to Guide the Process

Equipped with historical data on venture deals, Metal’s CRM provides run-time guidance on your fundraising process.

Join other data-driven founders using Metal's intelligence platform

Creating Access

Intro Pathways from “Shared Connections”

Get your existing investors or close contacts to "share" their connections to power your intro pathways

Sort Investors by Availability of Intro Pathways

Limit your investor search to firms for which you have introduction pathways

View Portfolio Founders by Sector/Country

Use granular filters to sort through portfolio founders for specific investors

View Investing Partners by Sector/Country

Seamlessly identify investing partners that are most relevant to your sector and/or geography

Fundraising Pitfalls

Avoid the most common frustrations

By bringing efficiency, structure and intelligence to the fundraising process, Metal enables founders to avoid some of the biggest pitfalls in conventional fundraising

Getting an intro to a given investor and landing that first call only to find out that they do not lead.

Spending hours of research just to identify who you know that can introduce you to a given investor.

Jumping into an investor call only to find out that their “sweet spot” is very different from the current stage of your business.

Trying to piece together lists of relevant investors through news articles and generic databases.

Not hearing back from a given investor after multiple calls and then realizing that they are in a state of hibernation.

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